Advanced Alternatives Center is the exclusive Distributor for Kalawalla in the United States.

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polypodium_calagualaPolypodium leucotomos



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The manufacturers of Kalawalla (Organic Hope), is a company dedicated to research in the bioactive organic and botanical extracts. Thirty years of research have given rise to 2 different products sold for over ten years in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Kalawalla is sold in those countries under different brand names such as Leucostat, Immunotrax, Bielavin and Difur. These natural extracts are a food supplement with a proven effect in alleviating many illnesses related to the immune system.

Polypodium leucotomos and Phlebodium decumanum are fern plants native to Honduras. They grow exclusively in Honduran jungles over the Palm trees in symbiosis. Through special techniques, Organic Hope has been able to grow and cultivate them under specially controlled conditions. The leaves in the wild can grow up to three feet long.

The ancient Mayans used Polypodium leucotomos (Kalawalla) as part of their daily diet in the form of tea as a blood purifier. They attributed healing properties to the drink and up until today the drink is still popular in Honduran tradition.